A New Tradition in honor of the Holiday Spirit of Giving

Wooden Walls Project Collaborates With Asbury Park Artists To Create a Holiday Experience

Continuing with the spirit of giving; that has long been a part of the Asbury Park Holiday tradition, the Asbury Park community arts non-profit Wooden Walls Project and the Asbury Park Boardwalk are excited to unveil a new art experience for the Holiday Season at the Grand Arcade at the Historic Convention Hall.

Last year, Wooden Walls Project offered an idea to celebrate the spirit of the Holidays, by asking the viewer to re-imagine what a Holiday Tree could look like, hence the Giving Tree was born from upcycled cardboard and creativity.  Conceptualized by locally based and internationally renowned artist, Porkchop, and brought to life with the help of fellow Asbury Park artist, Bradley Hoffer. It was the hope of both the artists and the experienced curators at Wooden Walls Project that the sculpture would bring together the comforting and charitable spirit of this special time of year with the unique and storied landmark that is the Asbury Park Boardwalk. It was the synergy of tradition, collaboration and art that resulted in this new tradition and will continue and grow with this Holiday Season. Asbury Park historically has been at the forefront of entertainment and industry, so, we are happy that we can add art to the list of the many innovations that have already occurred in our “City by the Sea”

This year’s “Giving Tree” was again sculpted and envisioned by local artists, Porkchop and Bradley Hoffer. This year’s tree was inspired by the feeling of the “comfort and the warmth of home”. Always inspired by history and architecture, the first and third layers of the Tree are an homage to an “eyebrow window or dormer” which are traditionally found on historical homes, being added for the purpose of allowing light into dark spaces. In this case, these were created and included into the design to let light out. The element of light is more present in this year’s design with the addition of a layer of interfacing that will allow the tree to light from the inside which will  allow the light to be projected out to the viewer, which will evoke a feeling of the warmth one experiences from a lit Holiday Tree or candle. The second and fourth layers are inspired by the snowflake. Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the notion that “no two are alike”. Just as diverse and unique as Asbury Park, the snowflakes reflect our community and our home.

Collaborating through the arts non-profit, the tree is offered to the community as a familiar and comforting symbol of the best feelings around this special time of year at the Asbury Park Boardwalk, including community, charity, and experience.

In celebration of the creation of this year’s “Giving Tree”, tenants of the Asbury Park Boardwalk have been invited to create their own Holiday Tree, with the challenge of utilizing repurposed materials in the spirit of the theme of sustainability to create their own Holiday Tree. For this friendly challenge, The Asbury Park Boardwalk will give the winners a small cash prize to go to the local charity of their choice.

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For more information about the Wooden Walls Project please visit woodenwallsproject.com. For specific inquiries please contact Jenn Hampton at juicyjenn@parlor-gallery.com.

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Since 2015, Wooden Walls Project has been successful in gaining international attention from news outlets such as the Guardian UK, The New York Times, Juxtapoz, Conde Nast Traveler and others due to mindful curation of place married with content. The completed project has emerged as an undisputed destination for connoisseurs of the art world as well as every-day visitors.

The arts non profit is an aesthetically engaging endeavor that is immediately palatable to the demographic who frequent Asbury Park. As a testament to the power of the work, thousands of guests have captured personal images of the Wooden Walls project as an indelible part of the community’s identity.


The Asbury Park Boardwalk is an historic promenade along the waterfront in Asbury Park, New Jersey. A focal point of Asbury Park’s thriving arts and music community, the iconic Asbury Park Boardwalk features 320,000 square feet of the world’s most unique shopping, dining and entertainment venues and has become one of the 21st century’s best-known resort destinations.

Owned and managed by Madison Marquette, a leading real estate investor, developer and service provider, the Asbury Park Boardwalk, which has been named “Best Boardwalk in America” by BELLA Magazine, is just 50 minutes from New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel or a one-hour car ride from Philadelphia.  For more information, visit apboardwalk.com or follow the Asbury Park Boardwalk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.