Silverball Retro Arcade doubled the fun. The boardwalks staple now offers over 7,000 square feet of retro arcade games, authentic Asbury Park memorabilia, private party space, and an expanded kitchen. We caught up with Silverball’s Sr. Vice President, Patty Barber, to hear more:

APB: What has the public feedback been since the opening?

PB: We have received nothing but kudos, congratulations, and compliments. Even better than that – guests have admitted they had walked by the venue before without coming in and now – they were drawn into the doors by the changes.

APB: What is your goal with the new space?

PB: Growing the party sales is high on my list. With a new, fresh, designated party area (as opposed to the party area right in the middle of the game floor) I think we can start using the party space better. Better parties, conference area etc. Other goals: keeping us recognizable to the public so they continue to be drawn in and … getting the local population to come to have some fun at Silverball in the off-season!

APB:  What games have you added to the new space?

PB: The most popular additions are 2 basketball games and an expanded skee ball area.

APB: What decor/memorabilia have you added since the expansion?

PB: We are excited to work on décor now. The vintage original Palace sign we added over the expanded skee ball area is a great touch of Asbury Park history. Adding art, murals and color is the icing on the cake that had to wait until after the foundation of the project was complete. We like to marry old and new at Silverball. Asbury itself to me is a relationship between the past and present. I plan to keep décor along those lines. And get the history of pinball and arcade front and center as well.

APB:  What is your favorite or unique thing/s in the arcade?

PB: The most unique thing to me – and a popular subject in feedback – is the pristine condition of our games. We put a lot of love and care into keeping the games like new regardless of the age of the machines.  Additionally, the vibe here is an upbeat party every single day of the year – and who doesn’t need a happy vibe like that these days?

APB: Anything else you would like to share?

PB: The boardwalk in Asbury is an exciting place to be and Silverball is right in the heart of that. It’s been a real thrill for us to grow along with the city and the boardwalk.

Summer 2022 Pricing:

.5 hours – $10

1 hour – $15

Half day (up to 6 hours) – $17.50

All day – $20

No coins needed