Tower Dogs’ story begins in the spring of 1902 when a new eating club, The Princeton Tower Club, was formed to feed hungry students. Almost a century later, Chef Jim Forkel became the Head Chef with a dream of revolutionizing the way students ate by offering a menu of fresh, high-quality food that was made to order.

Since taking over the club as the head chef and eventually club manager, Chef Jim has constantly innovated his menu and has led the way in offering fresh, delicious and healthy cuisine to students. Jim’s philosophy has always been to use the finest ingredients. Over the last 20 years, Chef Jim has developed a gourmet hot dog menu that is extremely popular with the students. He even had a very successful food truck that served his delicious hot dogs. These innovative and much sought after specialty dogs are now available to the world at large through Tower Dogs!

Their hot dogs are made from 100% steak cuts of beef, no fillers and limited preservatives. Thier rolls are not your average hot dog bun! They arrive pre-baked so we can grill them to order on the inside until warm and toasty. Thier towering toppings are always sourced locally when possible, and we prepare them fresh for you every day. Last but not least, Chef Jim’s proprietary sauces are made from scratch, and of course from only the finest of ingredients.