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Venue Address Phone
Arcade Radio Grand Arcade
Asbury Eighteen 4th Ave. Greenspace 732.897.6538
Asbury Galleria Grand Arcade 732.775.4100
Asbury Park Roastery Grand Arcade at Convention Hall 732.807.3155
Asbury Park Yacht Club Second Avenue Pavilion 732.455.3275
Asbury Splash Park Third Avenue Greenspace 732.897.6538
Bettie's Bombshells 4th Ave. Pavilion
Betty's Icebox Grand Arcade 732.722.8310
Brielle Cyclery Fifth Avenue Pavilion 732.502.0077
Carla Gizzi Grand Arcade 732.988.0000


Some History

Artist John Bass was a Boardwalk attraction for many years. Once considered among the world’s fastest painters, he would complete full-size paintings for crowds of spectators in under 15 minutes.