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Facility Rentals

Convention Hall and the Paramount Theatre are available for rent for performances, benefit concerts, comedians, plays, operas, rock concerts, dances, recitals, business and corporate functions, conventions, civic gatherings, sporting events and more.

Please call 732-897-6500 for more information and rates. 

Convention Hall
Not Just For Conventions, This Hall Is Also The Perfect Home For Your Sporting, Concert, or Corporate Event.
Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Historic Convention Hall is the perfect place for your athletic, corporate or entertainment event.  The flexible nature of the Hall allows for use of the bleacher seating for sporting or concert events, or alternately the room can be adjusted to contain all the action on the floor.  With 11,730 square feet, including 1800 fixed bleacher seats in the stands and a maximum capacity of 3600 guests, you can be assured that sizeable crowds will be accommodated with ease.
The amenities offered by this thoughtfully constructed landmark aren’t to be underestimated. Our Light and Sound capabilities offer the latest in technology and equipment, assuring only the best for your event. Gorgeous views surround Convention Hall in all directions; this facility impresses with both its interior faculties and it’s aesthetically satisfying exterior and breathtaking setting.
Grand Arcade
Graceful Design and Architectural Grandeur Provide An Unforgettable Setting For Your Special Celebration, Ceremony, or Performance
Acting as the heart of the Asbury Park Oceanfront, guests are perennially pleased with the grace, beauty and grandeur contained in this well loved jewel of the Jersey Shore.  Crowds course through The Grand Arcade throughout the year to enjoy the myriad of independent shops and restaurants this enormous breezeway has to offer. No matter what the season, the Grand Arcade is easily adaptable to fit your particular needs. With a total area of 13,800 Sq. Ft. and a capacity of 900 people, this architecturally unique hall is home to both casual and formal events of all kinds. Be it a rocking concert or a formal ball, the visually striking construct creates a unique setting and unforgettable aesthetic that will set your event apart from all the rest.  
Paramount Theatre
This Gorgeous Theatre’s Profound Beauty Is Matched Only By It’s Second-To-None Acoustics and Historic Charm
Renowned for its historical significance and stunning beauty, the artful construction of this theatre is only one of the reasons that event planners find this location so desirable.  Also sought after for its perfect acoustics that are inherent to the buildings integrity, the Paramount Theatre is home to a wide range of performance events. Regularly chosen by both national an international entertainers and organizations, you too can have access to the unsurpassed quality this venue has to offer. Boasting a capacity of 1,600 persons, this gorgeous facility is sure to meet the every need of your performance, meeting, film screening, wedding ceremony or lecture.
If you’re looking for a plush, refined and welcoming venue for a reception, fundraiser or private party, be sure to visit the Paramount Theatre Mezzanine Room.  The intimate capacity of 150 people includes not only architecturally striking and finely decorated room, but also balcony access featuring unfettered, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Oceanfront Asbury - a perfect backdrop to your special day or evening.
The Stone Pony
A Taste Of Rock And Roll History Can Be Yours At This Fully Equipped Entertainment Destination
With a Rock & Roll legacy known far and wide, The Stone Pony is an internationally famous venue - and with good reason.  Home to both up-and-coming and wildly famous entertainment acts, this venue, complete with the luster of its well established place in music history, is now available for private events.  Not just for the rough and tumble rock crowd, The Stone Pony is a great alternative to the usual venue for your private party, meeting or wedding celebration.  Three full bars, a café area and on premises kitchen amenities simplify the execution of your event and keep everyone effortlessly satisfied. The perfect size for a moderate crowd, the venue features 5,500 Sq. Ft. and a capacity of 1000 people.
Loved as an icon of the Asbury Park Oceanfront, and located on the Avenue that adjoins the beach, this venue is also designed to host outdoor events during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The exterior staging zone easily transforms into your fun zone, allowing for extensive seating, performance space and any other event needs with ample room.  What better backdrop for you and your guests than blue skies or a starlit evening? Whether you seek the thrill of housing your event in a permanent fixture of Rock & Roll history, or are seeking a new alternative to infuse a special kind of excitement to your event, this is the choice for you.

The Wonder Bar
An Icon In Asbury Park’s Heritage, This Relaxed, Casual Bar And Lounge  Invites Your Guests To Unwind And Let The Good Times Roll!
Featuring both indoor and outdoor accommodations, this venue enjoys a classic feel that invites everyone who enters to enjoy themselves.   The Wonder Bar features an open dance floor, intimate and fully equipped stage and sound system, and an outdoor pet-friendly deck, bar and lounge.  A regular location for before or after parties for an array of boardwalk events, this bar and restaurant also regularly serves as the main venue for private parties, meetings, and even weddings. Full kitchen and grill facilities make catering a breeze, too. Event planners find that the intimate capacity of 360 as well as the Square Footage of 5,500 creates an atmosphere that is relaxed, unassuming and comfortable.  The Wonder Bar provides a setting that frees your guests from stifling formality and allows them to enjoy a stress-free, feel-good time.
The Beach Bar
Fantastically Expansive Ocean Views Make This Outdoor Venue A Natural Choice For That Special Day or Extraordinary Night
Nothing spells F-U-N like a day at the beach! And that’s exactly what you can expect at The Beach Bar, located on the favored Asbury Park beach, right against the calming expanse of the Atlantic. Spring, Summer or Fall, the East and South Wings provide a flexible space that can accommodate up to 300 persons over a 3,060 Sq. Ft area, with stunning, unimpeded views all around. Don’t be fooled—while this idyllic location is instantly attractive for casual events, formal events fit perfectly here as well. The aesthetics created by the expansive ocean views will make your day or evening celebration, cocktail reception, or corporate event second-to-none.
Carousel Building
See Your Vision Come Alive!  Invent The Event You’ve Been Dreaming of In This Handsomely Adorned Venue
This beautiful, ornately constructed building houses a space in which you can enjoy the freedom to create a venue that brings to life your very own vision, down to the last detail.  Live theatrical and musical performances, film screenings, food and wine tastings, weddings, parties, and art installations are only some of the many incarnations this venue has inhabited.  The unique architecture impresses guests with its quiet charm, and provides the perfect back drop to any event, however casual or formal.  A capacity of 299 houses your intimate but inclusive crowd, and the atmosphere created by this magical location leaves nothing to be desired.


Some History

Professional wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow was born in Asbury Park.